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Discover : Fukada Kyoko

Fukada Kyoko is a Japanese singer and actress. She’s a star recognized in Japan and also a model. Currently, she devotes herself especially to television where she turns in many dramas.

Actress Fukada Kyoko is also known for her yearly calendars and she recently posted a photo from her upcoming 2021 calendar which left a lot of fans happy.

What makes this 38 year old woman so sexy ? Brand-name swimwear and underwear will expose her tanned skin and hot body. Is everything going wrong in 2020 ? Let’s look forward to the wonderful new year with Fukada Kyoko !

Kyoko Fukada’s new 2021 calendar is based on sexy swimsuits of different brands, like Louis Vuitton or street fashion brands such as Supreme.

Back in time back to the beginning of 2020, Fukada Kyoko actually launched a sexy calendar, playing more with the temptation to wet her body, and look at it when she is down, and her troubles will be wiped out.

In order to present the most perfect side, Fukada Kyoko especially practiced with star fitness coach Yuki Kashiki before taking the photo. The perfect posture exudes light temptation in every gesture, which is definitely better than many young aquatic actresses.

In addition to fitness, friends who have paid attention to Kyoko Fukada’s activities should know that Kyoko Fukada has become addicted to surfing in recent years, adding to the charm of sunshine. Perhaps it is the secret of her bronze skin and toned figure.

Fukada Kyoko’s 20th solo photo album “Blue Palpitations” launched in 2018 is also on the theme of sunshine and beach, and went further to Hawaii for shooting; sunshine, beach, plus sexy water and beauty, this combination is always always It is exciting to see. With interest in work, Fukada Kyoko showed her two hands in the photo album “Blue Palpitations”, incarnate as the goddess of surfing.

Don’t think that the still photos only allow readers to see the most beautiful side. Kyoko Fukada is definitely a real surfer with beauty, posture, and reality.

In fact, it is not the first time that Kyoko Fukada has surfed in a photo album. In the “Acua” photo album launched in 2016, you can also see her beauty when surfing. It is different from other purely sexy water photos, which exudes Healthy charm.

Kyoko Fukada, who loves water sports, has a clearer appearance than the bag noodles when she first debuted, but she has a healthier wheat complexion and attractive curves.

In addition to selling sunny and sexy photos of water, Kyoko Fukada also went to Sicily, Italy to shoot “Palpito” photo, put on hot underwear to show off the provocative side, which one do you like more?

The charm of maturity is that there is no need to deliberately show off sexy, even if a dense long skirt, it is still difficult to conceal Fukada Kyoko’s proud figure, and the unique temperament of a light mature beauty.