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CyberJapan Dancers

Have you already heard of Cyberjapan Dancers ?

Whether for music videos or concerts, many singers have their share of dancers who come to beautify their show.

Managed by CYBERJAPAN Inc., a creation of Mitomi Tokoto, this girl group of about 16 members, comes from private parties and discos. They quickly found success and were invited to dance at many events throughout Japan.

As the group was successful, it opened up more career opportunities; they have been actresses for TV commercials, models for fashion brands, and even the muses of a clothing brand. The girls also signed a contract with Universal Japan and released a DVD of physical and sports exercises.

Their fame has gone beyond Japan to expand to other Asian countries and the United States. They have participated in many clips, concerts, festivals or conventions. They have been invited to dance, in big events like the Ultra Music Festival of South Korea and even that of Miami.

The band members have also appeared in several clips for very famous artists like Steve Aoki, 2NE1, Zedd, Skrillex or Avicii.

All have their Instagram account, and the most followed, including the Watanabe sisters, can count on more than 350,000 followers.

Unlike the custom of making singers dance, CyberJapan Dancers has risen to the challenge of making her dancers sing. Intend to score the J-Pop with their single ‘Summertime forever’.