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ChungHa : “Stay Tonight” MV

Ahead of her upcoming album, K-Pop queen and soloist Chungha has returned with a special pre-released single for fans worldwide to groove to!

Titled “Stay Tonight,” Chungha’s latest release relies heavily on the electro-disco-pop sounds to create an addictive and catchy dance track that is guaranteed to be stuck on replay. 

The theme of the music video is high fashion and glam, featuring a monochromatic color palette with a bold color accent depending on the set that Chungha is on. Instead of focusing on elaborate sets, Chungha and her dancers captivate in the various outfits and makeup looks that they don throughout the music video.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the music video, however, would be the choreography for “Stay Tonight.” Chungha and her dancers go full out with voguing and waacking, which are dance styles that originated in 1970s in gay clubs.

Rather than hard hitting and hardcore choreography, there is a gracefulness and elegant quality to voguing and waacking that Chungha effortlessly conquers in “Stay Tonight.” It should be noted that these dance styles are not easy; however, Chungha perfectly executes the choreography that will leave one in awe and reaching to watch the music video over and over.

There is a smoothness and fluid quality when watching the soloist and her dancers go full out with the performance that will be sure to have fans and the LGBT community screaming in appreciation. Not to mention, all dancers (both male and female) have the difficult task of dancing in heels but make it look so easy. 

Whether it is playing at the club or down a fashion runway, Chungha brings a ferocity with “Stay Tonight” and raises the anticipation for her upcoming album. While this is just a pre-release, the gauntlet has been thrown for her album and fans can expect that she will be bringing the heat.