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Chinese ‘legs’ actresses

Many Chinese actresses particularly like long legs and do their best to give the illusion of having very long legs. White and fine should be the highest state of the legs. How did these actresses called “legs” (腿精) practice ?

In fact, the “legs” actress in the entertainment industry are really a lot. The first one that comes to mind is Yang Mi (杨幂).

The secret of her legs shape is thin and long, and proportion of the whole leg is stretched. Both of the front and the side was pratice since years. In order to make his legs even thinner, Yang Mi also likes to wear sandals with high heels. The size of his thigh as well as his calf are ideally proportioned.

Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) is perhaps one the best who represents the fine legs actresses. The shape of his leg is thin from the beginning and the calf muscles are almost invisible. Zhou Dongyu can rightly be called “legs” (腿精).

The leg shape looks straight and there is no extra muscle. Even if it is photographed on the side, we can’t see the muscles of the calf. She really good defines the type of fine legs.

In the recognized circle of ‘legs’, there is also the cute Dilizheba (迪丽热巴). With its 168cm height, and long refined legs , she has many advantages.

Another secret of long thin legs, is the choice of clothes. Wear a high-waist shorts paired with beautiful legs, and success will be assured ! We can even say that it’s a formidable sexy weapon.

And you what is your secret ?