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Chinese, Japanese or Korean?

For many people, an Asian is a Chinese! Or sometimes we hear: ‘all Asians look alike’, which is a bit discriminatory … Can we really make a difference?

Today we’ll talk about the generalities that can help us make distinctions, but you’ll soon realize that seeing a Chinese, a Japanese, or a Korean at first glance is more likely than true analysis. Because not only do populations evolve and mix, but the influences of certain cultures are felt on others …

Why is it so difficult to differentiate Asians? Think about it … can you 100% differentiate people from European countries, Africa or America. It’s just impossible. In fact, it’s just a matter of habit, when you live in the countries concerned and meet people from different cultures. Do not worry, for an Asian too, all Westerners are alike …



Asians are not very big. They have an average height of 1.70m for men, the Chinese would be slightly smaller than the others. Women are generally between 1.55 and 1.60m. In general Asian people are thin by nature, and women easily manage to keep a beautiful line. What is most wanting to them is perhaps the circumference of the chest, on the average inferior to other nations, but this is still only a generality.


Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese are overall similar in skin type. Their porcelain skin tends to be softer, cleaner, and is more age-resistant than other types of skin. Asians use more organic ingredients in their beauty products, helping women maintain healthy skin, even as they get older. Asians are generally very hairless and their hair is very black and smooth.

So, what will help us most to differentiate the Asians will be first of all the shape of their face. The Japanese have a generally thinner and longer nose, a wider mouth, overlapping teeth and slanting eyes downwards. Koreans often have a squarer face, a sharper jaw, a smaller mouth, a smaller nose, and smaller eyes. The Chinese generally have a large, flat face, larger eyes with a slanting upward, a wider nose, and a larger mouth.


The 2nd thing that will help us is the dress style. The Japanese attach importance to harmony and uniformity. Therefore, when they dress, they seek to blend in with the mass. Simple, natural with subtile marriages of colors. Nothing must stand out too much. Wearing the suit, white shirt, black tie, is very common among men.

Koreans wear bright, colorful clothes. Korean fashion clothes are following the trend, while Japanese fashion clothes are putting more emphasis on personal touches. As for the Chinese, they tend to be quite contrasting, integrating influences of Japanese or Korean fashion, as well as a Western style. Sometimes a mixture of everything at the same time, which gives a rather ‘original’ result. The Chinese girls are divided into 2 groups, those who are very careful about their appearance and the one who does not care.

Chinese fashion

Third, the makeup. When Japanese women wear make-up, they use rather neutral and natural tones, it’s the ‘makeup no makeup’ style. Chinese women prefer the smoky look and red lipstick, while Koreans often prefer the ‘right eyebrow’. Another point to note, is that Japanese women often wear a whitening makeup and they have a preference for lighter appearance than the natural color of the skin. It is also becoming popular in China, where makeup practices are often influenced by Japan. Korea seems to be a little less supportive of this, and ‘dare’ different make-up style, very influenced by Kpop stars.

Lastly, the manners. The Japanese are the most polite, disciplined. Very rarely, there is physical contact between people of the opposite sex in public places. To thank you, a Japanese will tilt the whole of his body several times. Koreans also have many ways related to politeness and respect for age. For example, a Korean who give you an item, will support his arm with his other hand, while lowering his head. The Chinese make them apart, they have very little form of politeness, which may surprise at first, first come first served ! But never see in it any form of malice.

Japanese fashion


All we have just talked about is true, but only for a part of the Asians. China is so big that it includes many ‘types’ of people. Northern Chinese are much taller (about 1.80m) than South Chinese. Some northern Chinese may closely resemble Koreans while others tend to Mongolian traits. What to say of the Chinese of the west, mixture of Asian and Eastern type. It’s the same for South Koreans who look more like Japanese. Depending on where you live, the work you do (in offices or outside), all this will also affect your appearance, build and skin.

Whether for Chinese, Korean or Japanese, mixed marriages are becoming more common, so there are more and more mestizos. They are also under the food influence of ‘bad food’, so there are also more and more obese people in Asia. As for the new generations, they are more ‘open to the world’, and thus tend to imitate everything that comes from Western or Eastern stars, which is reflected in their appearance dress or makeup. Moreover, despite the influence of one’s own culture, each individual has his own taste for appearance, which makes everything possible. Let’s not forget also that Koreans are specialists in cosmetic surgery, which makes differentiations even more difficult (or not).

Korean fashion

In conclusion, unless you live in one of these countries or are used to living with Asians, it will be very difficult for you to distinguish who is who. It does not matter, whether it’s a Chinese, a Korean or a Japanese, all the differences have their advantages …