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Cheng Jhia Wen : Taiwan Teacher

Cheng Jhia Wen is a teacher at the University of Science and Technology of Hsin Dog in Taoyuan city. In a few days his account instagram reached more than 150k subscribers !

Cheng Jhia Wen is a 28 years old law student. She’s also a lecturer who teaches an elective course dedicated to intellectual property and the knowledge-based economy.

The Taiwan teacher’s photos became viral after her students took pictures of her and shared them online. She quickly became a celebrity on the Internet when photos from her course on intellectual property rights in Taoyuan City were uploaded to the Web.

These photos show the teacher always well arranged whatever the situation.

According to her Instagram account, “the most popular teacher in Taiwan” is not only interested in the economy and low income, but also in music, because she plays piano and flute. She also practices golf.

Some netizens said they would like to return to university just to have the opportunity to be a student of Cheng Jhia-wen.

The multiple comments said: “Can I redo my university degree?” Or “When and where do I register?”

Or joke, ‘How are students able to concentrate in class?’ – ‘I’m sure nobody misses a class!’

And you, do you want to go back to school?