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Candice C : “Hello! Candice”

Meet the popular girl Candice C (Zhuo Feng) for her last clip “Hello! Candice”.

During his studies, Candice has been involved in the shooting of many micro-movies and large and small advertisements as amateur models. In the past year, he appeared in the protagonist’s “Let Me Release” and Zhou Bohao’s “The Molar” song in 2016. In the MV, especially in the creative network short film “My Trouble Girlfriend” plays “troublesome girlfriend”, and accumulated a certain popularity on the Internet. Candice recently appeared on the TV show “3 Days 2 Nights” and began to be noticed by the public.

In this summer vacation, Candice C officially signed the House of Artist to join the show business. In July, the first song “End of Time” was released. During the Hong Kong Book Fair 2017, the first Photo Book “Hello! Candice” was released. Popularity Soaring, let us have a deeper understanding of the daily life of this popular online girl.

How did you start the life of a model?

Initially, I accompanied my friends to participate in a competition. I was lucky enough to get the award. At that time, I signed a contract with my mother. I have been studying since then and have been working as a model. The life of the model has changed a lot, because all the makeup skills, and even all the knowledge of dressing, are learned after modeling.

What interest do you have when you are free?

The biggest interest is to do sports. From the middle school period, I am keen on all kinds of sports. In the middle school period, I am the captain of the basketball team. Any type of sports activities will participate. Now I like to do Gym, run, and like the feeling of sweating. I feel that there is a decompression effect. On average, I have three to four days a week to do Gym.

Can you share the production process of “Hello! Candice”?

We went to Saipan to take a picture and spent 5 days shooting. The stylist prepared nearly 40 sets of clothes and tried different styles. I was very happy with the healthy and sexy, street style, and young girls. Our entire team liked Saipan very much. The scenery was so beautiful and the weather was very good. On the last day, half of our team had sunburned haha. I kept taking pictures while walking. I am very satisfied with the work. It is a special commemorative photo album of the trip.

What is your favorite/most confident dress?

The favorite dress should be the comparison of Causal and Boyish dresses, because they themselves attach great importance to the material of the clothes. The texture is very important when the clothes are attached to the body, and it is very important to fit them properly, so the usual casual dress is usually Oversized. T-shirt plus Jeans, comfortable and easy to match.

Do you like the street style dress you do today?

I like it very much because I like to wear loose clothes recently. The two pairs of jeans in the shape have the impulse to buy immediately. Because it is very comfortable and easy to match, every style I shoot today is very much like it! !

What do you think is the most confident place?

The most confident place should be your own smile 🙂 Because he is a very optimistic, very smiling person.

Can you share the creative process of your first song “End of Time”?

“End of time” is my first song, a song tailored by a American creator, The 88th, telling the feeling of being alone, it will make people feel very comfortable and look forward to it. Feeling, the MV was filmed in Saipan. During the recording, The 88th also made a special trip to Hong Kong to be my music producer. The process really made me learn a lot.