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BVNDIT : “Jungle” MV Comeback

Their newest mini-album, Carnival, is filled with a variety of tracks that express the feelings of confidence and courage. They have returned with a new concept to captivate and charm their fans.

The title track “Jungle” is an electronic dance track that expresses the feelings of continuing on with their career being the “Queen of the Jungle” – an iconic line from the track. In the music video, the members are seen dancing along with the track with confidence and charisma. There are also individual scenes to show off their unique essence while showing that they are courageous and fearless. 

“Carnival” is the instrumental track to start the album off with boldness and charisma. The album continues with yet another daring and strong track, “Come and Get It” which shows off each member’s unique voice. The track will definitely get you grooving along with it and falling in love with each member one by one. 

The next track, “Cool,”  was released in February with a music video and is sung in full English. The track is able to show off each member’s rapping with this catchy melody. The album ends softly with “Children,” a soft pop track that was released at the end of April along with a music video. The track expresses the feelings of finally growing up and becoming more mature. BVNDIT has come back with an album that will definitely get your mood up. Please support and love BVNDIT as they continue their promotions!