AsiaMag | BVNDIT : “Dumb” Comeback MV

BVNDIT : “Dumb” Comeback MV

On November 5th, the rookie girl group BVNDIT made their comeback with the video for “DUMB.”

The song has a unique sound as an Latin electro-pop track mixed with Indian-inspired beats. The song talks about a love that is coming to an end, yet you don’t know what to say or do as you’re just struck dumb, unable to know how to proceed. As such, the video also takes inspiration from India with bright colors and beautiful scenery.

The new song is the title track off BVNDIT’s new album, BE! This marks the group’s first comeback since making their debut with “HOCUS POCUS.” The new album is meant to imply that they will not only maintain their own appearance and charm as BVNDIT, they will also grow to further develop their own vivid and captivating colors.

Check out the great song and video below :