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BLACKSWAN : Start With “Tonight” MV

BLACKSWAN has made their official entrance into the K-pop scene !

The new K-pop group made their debut with “Tonight” off their debut album, Goodbye RANIA. The group is a rebranded version of the now disbanded group RaNia, with three of the members— LeiaYoungheun, and Hyeme— being former members of the group. Meanwhile, members BLACKSWAN members Fatou and Judy are new to the K-pop industry.

“Tonight” is a dance song produced by Melanie FontanaMichel ‘Lindgren’ SchulzSHARK, and A. Wright, producers who have worked with many famous artists both in Korea and in the U.S., such as BTSTXTJustin BeiberDua LipaSia, and more.

Black Swan aims to be an unprecedented multinational girl group and global idols that will show unique and differentiated charm among the swans prevalent in the K-pop scene. As the group is multinational themselves, with Leia being Japanese-Brazilian and Fatou being Senegalese, many languages are already represented in their group, including Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and French. No doubt this will help them reach a more global fanbase and broaden their appeal as well!

Check out Black Swan’s debut MV below :