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Blackpink: another record!

The stars of Blackpink, certainly the most famous group of Kpop in the world, does not stop to make speak about her!

Even before its official release, BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” had already broken and set records, but that did not stop there !! BLACKPINK and “Kill This Love” have further expanded the list!

On August 17, the clip has officially crossed the 10 million mark on YouTube, not to mention the current 545M of views. This is not the only exceptional record, however, it is the second MV of BLACKPINK to reach this figure after “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, which reached it on July 26th. With these two achievements, BLACKPINK has become the only group of female artists on YouTube to reach these numbers!

Also by beating record, “Kill This Love” became the 5th MV of a female artist to do it. The only other women to have reached this number are Adele with “Hello”, BLACKPINK with “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, Dua Lipa with “New Rules” and Camila Cabella & Shawn Mendes with “Señorita”.

To show you how popular Blackpink is around the world (and not only in Asia), here is a top 10 countries that support most BP on Youtube.

  1. Indonesia = 48.6M views
  2. Thailand = 40.5M views
  3. Philippines = 33.6M views
  4. Vietnam = 28M views
  5. Brazil = 22.6M views
  6. USA = 18.8M views
  7. Malaysia = 14.6M views
  8. Mexico = 13.7M views
  9. Turkey = 10.7M views
  10. Japan = 9.39M views

The long list of BLACKPINK records continues to grow, how far will they go?