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Beauty secret : slaping face ?

When skin care, do you need to slap your face ? The answer may be different from what you think.

Regarding skin care, each little fairy has its own set of skillful techniques, but according to the medical treatment, many girls have a standard action when they are applying skin care, especially after applying lotion : slaping face. Listening some of them, sometimes hurts her. Asking why they should do this, the usual answer is that in order to make the lotion better absorbed, this is also a kind of massage. But is it really necessary to be so embarrassed about yourself ?

When you are skin care, you slap your face and carefully take out the sensitive muscles.

We do not deny that in skin care, the skin can promote the circulation of blood through the massage of the skin, promote the accelerated absorption of water, and make the skin more tender. However, it is necessary to measure the strength of tapping. The correct way is to open the fingers and gently pat the skin with your fingers, like the fingers on the skin.

According to the dermatologist, the tapping massage also needs to be carried out from top to bottom according to the texture route of the skin, and the effect is better. If your muscles are tight, stimulate the skin with slightly more force. But if you have sensitive skin, this is not necessary. Inappropriate tapping will cause sagging skin.

Skin hydration : it is better to drink water than to pat the face

The reason for this is that the moisture of the skin is not obtained from the outside, but from the inside out. The skin is kept moist by the skin care products. It has a role but is very limited. At most, it makes the skin cuticle moist. Specific ingredients in skin care products (such as polyols) delay the evaporation of water, making the skin look fuller and more delicate. And often excessive emollient is not good, it is easy to cause the skin’s original barrier function to decline, causing diseases such as dermatitis.

On how to solve the problem of dry skin from the root, it is not easy to say that drinking more water can solve it. Not much water can really promote the metabolism of cells, make the cells full of water, and the skin looks full and elastic. But more is the attention in other aspects of life, such as staying up late, eating light, getting sunscreen and so on…