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Beauty secret : single eyelid !

Nowadays, the trend of going to the hospital to cut a European double eyelid has long passed. You can now see that the asian female stars who are now harvesting the gods, are all single eyelids!

Single eyelids always bring their own innocent and pure. The entertainment circle has long exaggerated in this area. So let’s wash the eyes of the viewers, polluted for a long time.

So how do you draw eye makeup in a single eyelid ?

Who said that the single eyelids can not draw the perfect eye makeup, hurry to learn the following playful and fashionable single eyelid makeup, use a light eye shadow to give a large area of the eyelids, and then use a small brown shade of orange eyeshadow.

Then use a dark brown pearlescent eye shadow to smudge along the roots of the eyelashes and draw a thick eyeliner.

Then, in the position of the lower eyelid, a small area of bronze is used to smudge it, so that the eye makeup is immediately full of scientific and technological sense.

Don’t forget the position of the eyes. The pearly feeling is the key to determining whether the eye makeup is fashionable.

Clip the curvature of the eyelashes, then use the mascara to carefully brush the eyelashes.

This eye makeup is complete.