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Beauty secret : Pink & Gold Makeup For The Holidays

For a chic and glittery look, follow the tutorial of the Korean Youtubeuse Kyung Sun !

To counter the dryness of winter, she starts by hydrating her skin well, and uses a base of luminous complexion.

For its complexion, Kyung Sun uses a cushion foundation with a luminous finish and long-lasting hold. You can then apply your concealer or concealer, on the areas that need better coverage.

Powder your complexion, especially your eyelids, dark circles and the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). This will help your foundation to stay in place all evening and not slip into fine lines or cracks in the eyelids.

Then we go to the eyebrows. Kyung Sun first uses a brush and powder on her hair, then lengthens the shape of her eyebrows using a more precise pencil.

Bring a palette in pink tones for the eyeshadows. Apply a beige or brownish pink makeup all over your eyelid. Then use a darker pink to line the lower lashes. Using your fingers, apply a golden glitter eyeshadow on the center of the eyelid.

We then intensify the look using a brown eyeshadow, to apply to the external and internal corners.

And we are done with the eyeshadows with a pink glitter eyeshadow, to apply to the center of the lower lash line. For a more intense look, you can also add free glitter or golden liquid over the first golden eyeshadow.

To stay in the chic spirit, we draw a line of liner. To keep the soft look, prefer a brown and pencil liner.

You can intensify your eyes one last time by adding brown eyeshadow to the inner corners, and blending it with the line of liner. Otherwise, apply your favorite mascara directly.

Kyung Sun quickly returns to her complexion with a discreet pink blush that she applies to her cheekbones. She also performs a slight contouring at the level of her jaw.

Finally, we just finished the look with a nude lipstick. To stay in the eyeshadow tone, Kyung Sun chooses a brownish pink.

Full tutorial here :