AsiaMag | Beauty secret : Make-Up – No-Makeup !

Beauty secret : Make-Up – No-Makeup !

In Asia, the makeup trend ‘No-Make-Up’, makeup in the natural style, is still part of the habits of some celebrities.

If you find that the others makeup styles are too ‘overloaded’, maybe this one is for you, especially since it will be easier to wear on hot summer days.

We thank in advance the Korean chain ‘Omiomi Makeup’ which offers us this tutorial, exceptionally without face powder.

Step 1: We begin by preparing the complexion. No face powder here, but a pink base to brighten and unify the complexion!

Step 2: Then you can use a concealer to lessen your dark circles and other small skin defects. For a light coverage and a natural effect, prefer the concealer in “pen”.

Step 3: Using a creamy highlighter, illuminate the center of your forehead, nose, and cheekbones.

Step 4: Rather than drawing eyebrows, Omiomi suggests shaping them by cutting them with an eyebrow razor. This accessory is very common in East Asia!

Step 5: You can now curl your lashes to create a nice doe look.

Step 6: On your eyelids, apply a pink blush or iridescent pearl.

Step 7: Then, using a thin flat brush, apply a small amount of powder – type glitter to the underline.

Step 8: You can now apply your usual mascara carefuly!

Step 9: We just finish the complexion with a cream blush! For a “cute” effect, apply it concentrating on the front of the cheeks.

Step 10: And finally, we finish with lips in gradation! Using a lip brush, apply a pink lipstick on the inside of your lips. Then degrade the lipstick outwards with a cotton swab.

What do you think of this ‘fresh, natural and cute’ look?