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Beauty secret : lips

How to make lipstick more vivid ? Let’s take a look at the bottom of the lip.

In winter, in addition to lack of water in the skin, the lips are often dry and peeled. When applying lipstick, if the condition of your lips is not good, the effect of lipstick will be greatly reduced.

Many people are not used to using a lip balm before applying lipstick. The lips dry very easily and can have wrinkles.

Look at the lips of this Chinese star, no wrinkles and a hint of shine. How to have perfect lips ? The first step is to protect your lips.

A dark lipstick will more easily highlight the state of your lips. If there are small wrinkles or dead skin, if your lips are dry, the defects of your lip will be more easily exposed. Thus, a daily care of the skin of your lips can’t be ignored.

The cornea of ​​the lips is easily neglected. When you feel your lips flaking, you have to exfoliate them, if the lipstick is not colored. To do this, apply a warm towel to the lips, then use a lip scrub and massage gently with your fingertips to remove old dead skin cells, once a week.

Lip scrubs usually have botanical ingredients that contain a few small granules of plants, will help our lips remove keratin from dead skin and smooth the lips.

Massage until the particles melt slowly, then wash them with a paper towel or water, then apply a lip balm. You can do this 1-2 times a week.

You should always get in the habit, applying a lip balm. As soon as your lips are dry, apply lip balm, each time is necessary. Before applying a lipstick, you must first moisturize your lips. Especially before going to sleep, apply a thick layer of lip balm. The next day, your lips will be very wet.