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Beauty secret : Korean Cat Eye

Want to have an irresistible and intense look? Dare the difference with this special ‘Cat eye’ tutorial.

Sarang, korean model and makeup designer, offers us a complete tutorial ‘Mystic Cat Eye’ on her Youtube channel. You can also follow her on instagram.

Step 1: We start this makeup with of course, the face powder. Sarang uses a face powder with a matte finish.

Step 2: To matify the complexion and be sure that it will resist perspiration, Sarang then uses a loose powder on the whole of his face.

Step 3: You can then do your contouring. Here, Sarang focuses primarily on his nose to give the illusion that he is thinner.

Step 4: We now go to the eyebrows: draw them while trying to keep a rather straight shape, a color a little clearer of your hair.

Step 5: We then begin the eyes with a first light taupe eye shadow, which will serve us as a base. At the outer corner of the eye, form a point that rises to give a frame to the cat eye.

Step 6: Intensify this point with a darker warmer maroon. Apply it also by returning slightly under the eye.

Step 7: We now come to give life to the cat eye with the eyeliner! Sarang keeps his line rather thin, and not very dramatic, but she draws it long and upward. She uses a brown eyeliner for a softer look.

Step 8: With a golden eyeshadow, bring a little dimension to the makeup. Apply it with a fine brush on the inside corners, under the eyes, and just under the eyeliner line.

Step 9: You can now apply your favorite mascara! His is also brown to stay soft to the end.

Step 10: Then finish the complexion with a touch of blush! Sarang uses a discreet coral blush, which she applies to the front of the cheekbone.

Step 11: And finally, we finish the look with the lipstick! Sarang first applies a nude peach lipstick on all of his lips, then an orange gloss on the center of the lips only.

Obviously to have the complete ‘eye cat’ look, a pair of adapted lens will also be necessary. Who can resist this intense look?