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Beauty secret : Erika Mori Make-Up

Erika Mori (森 绘 梨 佳), Japanese actress and model, really represents the fairy beauty. Her natural beauty combined with her fresh makeup, gives off a unique atmosphere that only belongs to her.

We offer a small tutorial with a similar style. It’s here :

Although eye and lip makeup is key, if the base makeup is not white and transparent, the details will not come out. Choose a moisturizing and natural foundation, rather light to bring out the colorful details.

Eyebrows need to be weakened in this makeup, so use a soft eyebrow brush to gently sweep the eyebrow powder according to the eyebrow shape!

Eyeliner must not grab the eye shadow, so use a very fine eyeliner to draw a thin eyeliner along the root of the eyelash.

The position of the end of the eye is slightly smudged with a rose-brown eyeliner.

The main event came, using a large number of eyeshadows to brush a large area of the brush on the eyelids with dampness details, so that the eye makeup has a certain color tone.

Add a little reddish-brown smudge to the folds of the double eyelids, then brush the eyelashes with a long-lasting mascara.

We recommends applying peach or rose blush for makeup.

Lipstick is the key to the key. First use a dry rose lipstick to make a base, then apply a deep red rosette to the center of the lip, then gently pat it to create a gradual finish.

The pearly lip makeup relies on a transparent moisturizing lip gel.

It’s done !