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Beauty secret : Chungha make-up in ‘Snapping’

At the end of June, Chungha released her MV for ‘Snapping’. If the song was top, there is something else that also marked us…her makeup !

In the clip, Chungha has displayed this pink-toned look with a smokey eyeliner. Thanks to the youtubeuse Sunjin, we will learn how to do it.

This tutorial will focus mainly on eyelid makeup. Prepare your complexion and your eyebrows as usual, and we immediately go to the eyes !

Step 1: We start by preparing eye shadow with a beige and matte makeup. This will allow the following shades to degrade together more easily.

Step 2: On your brush, take a bit of burgundy matte and an iridescent burgundy make-up to mix them. Then, apply them on your eyelid, to the level of the eyelid hollow.

Step 3: Sunjin then intensifies her lashes with a darker makeup, here a chestnut rose.

Step 4: This is one of the essential points of this makeup: the eyeliner! Draw your line so that it points upwards, a cat-eye. Preferably, use a gel or pencil liner, which can be easily degraded.

Step 5: And this is where we just degrade the liner (hence the importance of using a product gel or pencil). Using a suitable brush and a very dark brown eye shadow, blend your liner to make the line less distinct. Then, without adding any material, brush the brush over your lower lash line.

Step 6: Then apply a pink gold blush on your lower lash line…

Step 7: Then a little more golden paint at the inner corners.

Step 8: You can apply your mascara now if you wish. For a more dramatic effect, Sunjin also uses false eyelashes.

Step 9: Blurring the makeup and the liner, the liner has lost intensity. To make it more pronounced, you can iron on the tip with a liquid liner or felt.

Step 10: We come to finish the eyes with the second central point of this look: the pink glitter! Apply glitter or liquid glitter on the center of your eyelid.

Step 11: Finally, you can match this look with a blush and a lipstick. If possible choose hues that also stay in pink tones.

I let you enjoy the result !