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AleXa : “Revolution” MV

Global rookie AleXa has just released her second EP titled DECOHERENCE. The album features eight tracks that contain a multitude of genres really showcasing AleXa’s versatility. The title track of the album “Revolution” is the conclusion of a musical trilogy detailing AleXa’s “origin story.” 

The Song 

AleXa worked alongside well known hitmakers LDN Noise while creating “Revolution.” The song mixes Latin, hip-hop, and symphonic elements to create a song that you can’t help but dance to. A part of the song that may throw some listeners is the prominent buzzing that can be heard in some parts of the song. It takes center stage in the beginning of the track, almost overshadowing AleXa’s voice, however as the song progresses the sound begins to even out and eventually fades. Musically, it encompasses the go-to feeling of a track that would be heard in every top 40 playing club across the globe. 

“Revolution” has both a Korean and English version on the new EP, making it easy for international fans to feel and understand the message behind the song. In the English version, AleXa invites fans to join her in the “revolution of the mind.” The song details the journey of AleXa gathering others and giving commands as the leader of the revolution. When compared to the translated lyrics featured in the music video, the English lyrics are more fitting to the overall story being told. 

The Music Video

The music video picks off where “Do or Die,” leaves off. AleXa is right in the middle of her battle against the evil masterminds ZB Corporation. Returning to the sci-fi meets action film aesthetics, AleXa becomes the action hero we deserve. The overall music video should honestly be treated like a mini cinematic masterpiece because calling it a music video does not do it justice. For best viewing to understand the whole story line, fans should watch “Bomb” then “Do or Die” and conclude with “Revolution.” This viewing order will encompass AleXa’s story from beginning to end. 

Final Thoughts

AleXa wows again with her cinematic music video and versatility as an artist. As a rookie she has a bright future ahead. With her origin story coming to a close, we wait in anticipation for her new chapter. 

Check out the MV for “Revolution” below :