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Abe Mao : New Song “Konya Wa Nemuru Made”

Abe Mao unveils a video clip for his new song “Konya wa Nemuru made” !

“Konya wa Nemuru made” is a ride that will be included in the singer’s new album titled “Mada Ikemasu”. Directed by Sunaga Hideaki, the video conveys the sad mood of the song. The melody will surely give you chills!

The album “Mada Ikemasu” celebrates the singer’s 11-year career and is scheduled for January 22. The album will contain 11 songs including “Koe” which is the soundtrack of the animated series “Shoumetsu Toshi”, “Kimi no Uta” which is that of the film “Cheer Danshi !!” and finally “Doushimasuka, Anata nara” for the NHK drama “Kore wa Keihi from Ochimasen!”. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing the video clips of these three titles.

In addition, Abe Mao will hold a Japanese tour called “Abe Mao Live No.9” accompanying the album release. The concert series will start on March 14 in Hokkaido and will end on May 30 in Oita for a total of 16 dates.

Discover the clip below: