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A dream body without effort

Who has never wanted to take a walk in the street by catching the eyes of passersby thanks to his dream body ? It’s no possible..and without any efforts !

The Japanese e-commerce website ‘ekodworkstore’ has the particularity of creating t-shirts giving all kinds of illusions. They cleverly uses shading to trick people into thinking that you look much better than you actually do.

The creators of these clothes seem to want to help consumers get the physique they have always dreamed of without having to work their bodies, or to spend a lot of money on plastic surgery.

Whether you want a well-defined abdominals or a generous bosom, both men and women can find what they want. Everything will be done in all suptility by a transparency effect.

But for those who do not care about subtlety, there are also more ‘open’ models …

Since all the magic of this shirt is in the print, ekoD advises buyers to only hand-wash it as not to damage the “see-through” print, and always dry it inside out.